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Dae Sun Viet Nam Co, Ltd is one of the prestigous units, has affirmed Dae Sun Brand  in the field of HVAC. There are many M$E companies chose our company to order products to supply large projects of Sam Sung.
After nearly 10 years of construction and development ,  Dae Sun Vietnam Co Ltd  has increasingly asserted its position in the field of HVAC . A journey of continuous development unceasingly , the company has achieved many significant achievements , get the trust from the contractors in the country.

The predecessor of Dae Sun Vietnam Co Ltd is the company FMT is headquartered in South Korea . Already passionate about the field of ventilation , general director of the company has always simmering expand the market to meet the needs of users. Therefore in 2006 , Mr. Lee Yun Young arrived in Binh Duong and laid the first foundations for the company and was named Dae Sun Vietnam Co Ltd. The Company was granted an investment certificate on April 19, 2006 .
During the operation , with incalculable difficulties piling up as well as the unexpected obstacles that collective staff and employees of the Company shall pass from the startup date in exchange for the company so far confirms the prestige and position , its brand in the field of HVAC.To survive in the market increasingly fierce competition and meet the increasing requirements of the market as well as the ongoing development of the country , the company has developed its own strategy , in which the focus is to invest in high-quality human resources , training , raising the level of officials and employees ; The company constantly innovate technology , machinery and equipment , modern construction equipment , application of advanced science and technology in innovative construction methods towards modern and innovative . Thereby , has made ​​a reputation with investors , simultaneously creating a solid foundation for the company to grow in new conditions. With the motto of " People- central factor determining success , prosperity and sustainable development " , so the company's leaders are concerned about the lives of the workers , with specific job as expanding production scale , diversified business types contribute to job and income stability for the workers and employees of the Company. This was clearly reflected in the activities of the Organization as sub- sets, Youth Union and the Company , and also from the formal organization , the Company has focused on collective wisdom , enthusiasm , unity and development in a comprehensive manner.
Social development , the company has not stopped growing . To meet demand and expand markets , on January 1, 2013 the company has opened a branch in Hanoi . Branch named Dae Sun Vietnam Co Ld in Hanoi. In 2017, Mr. Lee Yun Young continued to establish Dae Sun Vina Cons Co., Ltd. in Bac Ninh and was granted a business registration certificate on August 25, 2017.
 Nearly 10 years of operation as well as a process Dae Sun Viet Nam Co Ltd constantly improve the management apparatus , the labor force , so far the company has over 300 staff , engineers, professionals , employees and workers with deep knowledge and rich experience. The company has contributed and construction of large projects in the country such as : Sam Sung Sam Thai Nguyen Factory, Sung Bac Ninh , Quang Khai Industrial Park ...
The company has been the development and success of today , not only the efforts of the leadership and all officers and employees of the company but also the attention , facilitated by the ministries, departments and central agencies , the Provincial Party Committee , People's Council and other district departments, sectors , organizations and localities. Thus the company has more opportunities to assert its position , constantly growing , rising , corporate image building with prestige, contribute to the general development of the economy. This is the motivation for leaders , officials and employees of the Company continues to grow, reap further achievements in the future.
Country tranformed to enter the era of innovation poses immediate company opportunities and numerous challenges , which requires the Company to rapidly change management , organization of production towards compact, energy work to adapt , survive and grow in the market mechanism competition. Implement corporate restructuring , investment focus , focal and feasibility of capital, conduct investment phases , ensuring effective investment projects , stable jobs for workers.
Knowing that the road ahead will be difficult , but leaders and staff officers of Dae Sun Viet Nam Co Ltd will not stop rising to the height of industrialization and modernization of the country and determination successful realization of its objectives " Maintaining annual growth rate from 150 % to 200 % and become one of the leading companies in the field of HVAC "
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