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5. Duct System and Accessory22/07/2015Details 4. Fire Protect System22/07/2015Details 3. Clean room and accessory22/07/2015Details 2. Electric System22/07/2015Details 1. HVAC system22/07/2015
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We supply Duct work and Devices for constructions of Hwan Seung Engineering Viet Nam as: SEHC is one the biggest of Sam Sung Corporation in Viet Nam
We supply duct work and Devices for construction of Vina Century Company as: Samborn in Que Vo Industrial Park, Samsung Bac Ninh
We suppy Duct work and Device for constructions of Hitech Company as: Sam Sung Bac Ninh, Sam Sung Thai Nguyen... Time: 2015
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Aluminium sheet
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Aluminium roll
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